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Rely on Cycling Logistics to take you there, bring you home, be there if you need us and look after your luggage, all with the care, safety and responsibility second to none.

Wayne Rust - Cycling Logistics

Wayne Rust – Cycling Logistics

Hi, my name is Wayne Rust (Rusty). A few years ago I was given the opportunity to do something different with my career. I had been annoying my mates for several years talking about my business idea “Cycling Logistics”. Being a keen cyclist myself and enjoying several Great Victorian Bike Rides I starting building a trailer for bikes and bags and here I am with a Bus and Trailer to provide a service to cyclists around Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, who knows??

I wanted a trailer that the bikes would not touch each other, they would be kept dry and also be able to carry luggage as well. We can remove almost any bike at any time. I had to build it myself to achieve these goals. Thanks so much for the experience of my father.

Whilst starting the business on my own I have a team of support that will step in when required for the bigger rides. Most of my career I have been in the Customer Service field and enjoyed seeing people smile while achieving their goals. I enjoy providing good customer service to people so they enjoy their well earned break.

If you require the services of Cycling Logistics please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your next adventure. Please call or email me to discuss how I can assist you to enjoy your time on the seat in the great outdoors.